Reflex Torsion Hose

Higher Performance, Fewer Problems

reflex torsion Hose

An Arctic Spas® First

Innovative design allows for simple diagnostic testing

The Arctic Spas® difference extends through each of our hot tub’s exciting features, all the way into the hosing used within our spa’s internal mechanisms. This kind of thoughtful intentionality is also what led us to the incorporation of Reflex Torsion hoses. Standard internal hoses can often leak, burst, or fail under pressure. However, Arctic Spas’ decision to employ Reflex Torsion hosing, ensures that our piping will stand strong against extreme temperatures, high water pressure, and periods of increased spa stress.

These highly specialized pipes are strategically designed to fit externally over rigid PVC spa fittings. This allows for a greater gluing surface that, in turn, can provide higher water pressure while also eliminating fitting leaks caused by hose movement. Additionally, this pipe’s ability to swell under intense water flow allows it to absorb stress from rigid PVC, further decreasing the probability of leaks or cracks in your spa’s internal fittings.

Finally, Arctic Spas’ Reflex Torsion hoses are perfectly clear with a thin band of color coded PVC, allowing for simple and efficient troubleshooting that does not require your hot tub to be entirely dismantled.

With intentionality and innovation running all throughout your Arctic Spa, you can trust that you will be relaxing in your hot tub for years to come.