Onzen Arctic Spas Optional Feature



Arctic Spas’ proprietary salt water system, Onzen™, uses the process of electrolysis to create gentle, clear, and clean water produced from salts native to the Dead Sea.

The process of creating salt water sanitizer has several advantages over traditional spa sanitization methods. First and foremost, Onzen™ sanitizer is created, rather than added to your spa’s system, meaning there is very little on-going cost for users. Secondly, salt water spas are gentle on skin, hair, and eyes, offering substantially less irritation than traditional sanitization methods.

Additionally, Onzen™ utilizes a user-replaceable electrode cartridge in the process of electrolysis, offering a simple and inexpensive maintenance item that can be changed without draining your spa. Onzen™ can also be conveniently controlled through either your hot tub’s topside panel, or through the Arctic Spas® app. With one touch, the output of Onzen™ sanitizer can be adjusted to accommodate fluctuating spa use, saving you both time and money. For maximum sanitization capabilities, combine Onzen™ with Arctic Spas’ Peak Ozone system.

Discover the ease of salt water sanitization to create and maintain clear, safe spa water.

arctic spas onzen machine

*Please note that Eco PAK (as pictured) is installed on Custom series models only. All Classic and Core models are installed with the Gecko spa controller as their standard control cell. Both Eco PAK and Gecko are fully compatible with the Onzen™ saltwater system.